The Firehouse Church

Denver, CO

The Firehouse is a neighborhood-focused community church, located in the Highlands of northwest Denver.  Having met in a variety of transitory locations for over six years, the congregation found a prominently located storage warehouse building which was perfect for conversion to a multi-faceted community-outreach facility.

The space offers a publicly-minded front to the prominent urban intersection in Denver’s Highland neighborhood.  Intended for a multiplicity of uses (ranging from traditional church functions to coffee shop use, community meetings, and various events), the design maximizes open floor area through the utilization of centralized circulation and dual-use spaces.

The project was driven by the need to make a large portion of the project constructible by volunteer labor, due to the non-profit status of the small church. Finishes, assemblies, and construction typologies which minimized the need for skilled labor were given primary consideration.  Large queen-pin wood and steel-rod trusses express the industrious history of this 75 year-old structure.  New glass overhead doors and windows open the interior to the outside, inviting the community into this outward-focused congregation.

Re-purposed insulation was utilized as a means to promote sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Project Overview
  • Conversion of dilapidated urban warehouse into a church facility
  • Design of a distinctive cafe space with overhead doors to engage the community
  • An educational meeting hall
  • A large multi-purpose meeting space designed to take advantage of an existing section of sloped floor, a remnant of the old auto repair shop
Major Deliverables
  • Architectural Services
  • Engineering Services

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