The Structural team at Samuel Engineering, Inc. (SE) has in-depth experience in all stages of design and construction for heavy industrial applications. With a focus on constructability, our team provides solutions that minimize construction duration and downtime.  The team utilizes intelligent 3D software to integrate mechanical and piping models which allows SE to deliver solutions that are easy to fabricate and construct.

Core Capabilities

  • Design and Analysis of:
    • Structural Steel -Buildings, Skids, Pipe Bridges, Platforms and Equipment Support Platforms.
    • Plate Work - Tanks, Bins, Hoppers, Launders, Chutes, Storage Silos and Stacks.
    • Structural Concrete - Columns and Beams, Frames, Equipment Supports and Containments.
    • Masonry - CMU and Brick Walls, Retaining Walls and Pilasters.
    • Wood - American Wood Frame, Laminated Lumber, Trusses, Columns and Beams.
    • Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Access Platforms, Stairs and Supports.
    • Modular Structures, Skidded Equipment Supports and Skidded Building Supports.
    • Foundations for Equipment, Buildings, etc.
    • Buildings - Custom Designed, Pre-Engineered and Modular.
  • Design Codes/Code Review
    • ACI, AISC, ASCE 7, API, IBC, SNIPs, Canadian
  •  Seismic Codes
    • AISC, ASCE 7, Guatemala, SNIPs, Armenian, SDC=D,E (High Seismicity)

Specialized Software